Do you avoid certain foods (like meat)? Read this.

As a kid, I hated meat. In my teens, I became anaemic (low in iron). I was absolutely exhausted and nobody could figure out why. This wasn’t ‘the one’ reason why I was struggling with fatigue, but it definitely played a part.

I started eating more meat and low and behold, my iron levels normalised.

When it comes to meat, local, organic and grassfed are the way to go, along with wild caught fish where possible. These will have less toxic burden on the body than conventional options, along with a far better fatty acid profile. (Yep, that means quality animal fat is actually very healthy.)   

I’ll just insert a disclaimer here that your choice to eat/not eat meat is your own. As a nutritionist, I know the value of having complete proteins, along with the vitamins and minerals which can be difficult to get from other foods. I’ve also watched Leonardo DiCaprio’s recent doco (and many others) and am aware of the impacts on the planet. I make this choice based on my health, and do everything I can to reduce my impact on the planet.

Having an aversion to something can often be our bodies innate way of telling us ‘this isn’t right for me’.

But, and that’s a very big BUT - we can’t always be sure we know WHY.

When it came to meat, I thought not eating it was the answer. But in retrospect, I realise I just wasn’t able to digest it properly.

A little digestive support, and voila! I was able to properly digest protein and my body was able to use all those awesome nutrients.

If you find yourself steering clear of certain healthy foods (or whole food groups, for that matter), it might be a good idea to try and figure and why.

Is it due to a past bad experience? Do you have a sensitivity or allergy? Are you having trouble breaking it down?  

Do some detective work, and make sure you’re not missing out on vital nutrients by avoiding certain food or food groups.

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