Are you fatigued and fed up?

I used to be too! Bloody cooked in fact. And nothing seemed to work, including splashing cash on specialists who prescribed coffee and anti-depressants.

I’d started to wonder whether it was possible to wake up feeling energised, until I stumbled upon (or rather, researched tirelessly to discover) a winning formula.

I want to share it with you, so you can ditch the dullness for good and get that pep back in your step.

In my signature program Supercharged, I walk you through the exact steps to help you rediscover your energy. Best of all, I'm living the journey with you!

Hey, I’m Fran.

I’m a Functional Nutritionist with a knack for helping people rediscover their energy.

I understand that you’d do pretty much anything to get your energy back for good.

I get you, because I’ve been there too. After spending years struggling with chronic fatigue, I took matters into my own hands, learning and implementing everything I could get my hands on to overcome the fatigue.

And it worked. Which means:

  • I’m back living life to the full – lots of travel and adventures
  • I can make it through the day without a nap
  • I’m no longer living in fear – Will I get enough sleep? What if I can’t make it through the day? What if I feel like this forever?

And I want you to have this too.

What would supercharged energy look like for you?

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From fatigued to flourishing in 12 weeks.

+ Bioindividual nutrition, supplement and lifestyle recommendations
+ 1 x fortnightly functional nutrition sessions for maximum accountability (1 x 60 minute Kickstart session and 5 x 30 minute sessions)
+ Unlimited email support for the duration of your program to answer all your questions as they arise


Kickstart your energy

+ Learn the real food approach
+ Boost your digestion
+ Your 5 day ‘sugar detox’
+ Feel-good fats


Supercharge your energy

+ Superfoods for energy (PS. They’re not fancy or expensive, but they are super effective)
+ Adopt the energised mindset
+ Get moving
+ Mindfulness  


Lock in your energy for life

+ Meal prep for success
+ Learn detox strategies you can use anytime


Investment: $497 AUD, or 3 payments of $197 AUD


60 minute power hour to help you kickstart your energy.

+ Comprehensive review of your health history
+ Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire and analysis
+ Food journal evaluation
+ Bioindividual nutrition, supplement and lifestyle recommendations