Meal prep like a boss

I have avoided writing this post for ages.

Not because I struggle with meal prep. Quite the opposite, really. But I don’t quite know how to put in to words how or what I actually do. Anyway, here goes!

Real food is super important for our health, and if we take a little time each week to get creative (and organised), we can eat nourishing and delicious food at each and every meal.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to tell you to eat a broiled chicken breast or dry lettuce leaves at every meal. Been there, done that. Truth be told, I couldn’t think of anything worse!

As usual, Ron says it best! Boring salad is the pits. Don't do it, people!

As usual, Ron says it best! Boring salad is the pits. Don't do it, people!

It’s important to eat a variety of food, and not wind up eating the same food every day.

Mixing up our food choices means we’re getting a wide variety of nutrients, and we are avoiding any sensitivities which may develop from eating the same food all the time!

I always eat some combination of carbohydrates (usually all from veggies), protein and fat.

So here’s what I do. I prepare lunches twice a week, on a Sunday and Wednesday night. I prepare dinner once a week, on a Sunday. The lunches are just for the following 2 or 3 days. I make a big batch of the dinner meal, and freeze half into portions. I then eat the unfrozen half of that dinner meal a couple of nights that week (not consecutive, if I can help it). The other nights, I go back into the freezer and pull out a meal from the previous weeks.

It’ll take a couple of weeks to build up your freezer stash, but once you get there you’ll be chuffed with your domestic goddess self.

This takes up to 3 hours a week: 2 hours on a Sunday and 1 hour on a Wednesday. That’s not a lot. That leaves 165 hours in the week for everything else. Easy!

Lunches | Every Sunday/Wednesday night
(1 hour) 

  • Start with a base of green veggies. This could be steamed broccoli, baby spinach, massaged kale (had to say it, lol), or any other greens your heart desires.
  • Roast a ton of other veggies in some quality cooking fat such as coconut oil, tallow or ghee. I’ll usually roast 4 zucchinis, a couple of sweet potatoes, a cauliflower, pumpkin, etc. Add these to the mix.
  • Get your protein fix. Mix it up so you’re not having the same source of protein 2 days in a row.
    • Hard boiled eggs
    • Rissoles (500g mince, chopped onion and minced garlic, rolled into patties and fried in some coconut oil)
    • Baked chicken thighs (add a dollop of pesto and bake for 30 mins in the oven at 190 degrees celcius, yum!)
    • Pulled pork (á la Sarah Wilson)
    • Sardines (don’t take my word for it, try them yourself!)
  • Pimp your meal! Yeah, yeah. We all want to eat healthy in theory. But if your healthy food tastes awesome, you’ll be way more inclined to keep on eating it. Here are some of my fave meal-pimpers:
    • Homemade pesto
    • Avo
    • Activated nuts and seeds
    • Kimchi or sauerkraut
    • Cold pressed olive oil
    • Good quality salt

Dinners | Every Sunday night
(up to 1 hour) 

You can make anything you like for your dinners, but I like to keep things to one pot where I can. Quick and easy! Here are some of my faves:

Remember to make a double batch, and freeze half!

If you're looking for meal prep help or other fatigue-fighting strategies, head over here to book your free 20 minute Discovery Session with me.

Have you tried any of the tips and tricks I mentioned above? Hop on over to the comments and share!