TMP #18: Beat stress and tap into your intuition with Claire Bradshaw

TMP #18: Beat stress and tap into your intuition with Claire Bradshaw

This week’s interview is with Claire Bradshaw, a life coach, yoga teacher and host of the 'Becoming Whole’ podcast. In this episode, we spoke all about stress and what we can do to overcome it, how we can start to connect with our intuition and we spoke about Claire’s recent experience on a 10 day silent meditation retreat.

Real Food Fudge Brownies (Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Refined Sugar Free)


Is there anything better than a super dense brownie? I think not… If you’re doubting that an epic brownie can be made from whole foods, this recipe will blow your mind… 🤯

Let’s be real, I have a sweet tooth. So I’m always on the hunt for super delicious healthy alternatives to my old favourites. This is a winner! Fudgey, dense and rich. Mmmmm.



If you try this recipe (which you definitely should) be sure to snap a photo, share it and tag me on Instagram! My IG handle is @frandargaville. If you’d like more epic recipes and my top nutrition tips, click here to download your Real Food Wellness Starter Kit - fo’ FREE! Happy baking, amigos.

TMP #14: Troubleshooting your Real Food Diet

TMP #14: Troubleshooting your Real Food Diet

Ok, so maybe you’ve started to switch to eating more real food -- you expected to feel more energy, less bloating, right?! And that’s what happens for a lot of people. But some of us end up feeling more tired, bloated, and even constipated -- even though we’re eating all this nutrient dense food.

How is this possible?! It doesn’t make any sense!