#21: Menstrual Cycle Awareness & Ayurveda with Jema Lee

This week’s episode is with Jema Lee, a women’s cycle health educator on a mission to help women confidently reconnect with their bodies and reclaim their wellbeing.

In this episode, we chat all about menstrual cycles, how to track your cycle, and how to work WITH your cycle, not against it, so that life just feels a whole lot more easy and in flow. We also chat about Ayurveda and the doshas, which is fascinating!

Here’s what we chat about:

  • How and why you should track your menstrual cycle

  • The ‘seasons’ of the menstrual cycle and how to live more in flow with your body (AKA cycle syncing)

  • Ayurveda and the doshas

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As part of the program, you’ll get meal plans and recipes, and I guide you step-by-step through a real food detox. Head to themetox.com to find out more, and use the code ‘METOX’ at checkout to get $10 off. 

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