The health benefits of sardines & why you should eat them!

I had my first experience with sardines today. I've had a can glaring at me in the pantry for some time now. I'm not big on canned fish, and lets face it, they're pretty stinky.

But today, I put my big girl panties on and cracked the can. I'm not one for taking the easy way out, so I just ate the first one straight out of the tin, Bear Grylls style (I feel like eating canned sardines is way up there with eating a live fish with your bare hands).

I've been steering clear of canned fish because of the high mercury content, but as small fish like sardines are so low in the food chain, they haven't had the chance to accumulate heavy metals like tuna and other large fish.


Why eat sardines?

  • They're jam-packed with heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA 
  • They have over 3 times the recommended daily intake of Vitamin B12 per serve, which helps makes your DNA and red blood cells
  • They're a great source of selenium, which is essential for thyroid health 
  • They're an awesome dietary source of Vitamin D
  • A serving of sardines contains over 3 times more calcium than a glass of milk! 

How to choose a good source of sardines?

  • Look for wild-caught, sustainable fish
  • Choose sardines canned in quality olive oil or springwater and steer clear of the unhealthy, industrial oils like canola and cotton
  • Check out Good Fish and Fish4Ever at your local health food shop. They're both sustainable, healthy options!

Still not sold on sardines? Check out this guide to choosing sustainable canned tuna. Though remember, don't have tuna too often due to the high mercury content.

Do you dig sardines or have an awesome recipe for us? Hop on over to the comments and share!