8 Ways to Beat Anxiety Naturally

I’m not an anxious person. Well I never thought I was, anyway. But looking back, I realise that going out partying was a major fuel for my anxiety fire.  

I’m a muddled mix between introvert and extrovert. Being around a bunch of people I don’t know? My bloody nightmare! Throw in uncomfortable clothes and makeup and a gluten-induced food baby and all I wanted to do was crawl into bed and hide.

Having not experienced any of these things for years, when I was away this weekend I had the whole chest-fluttering thing going on. But this time, I couldn’t figure out why! Instead of hiding under the covers, because I know that wasn’t going to help this time, I pulled some of the tools out of my anti-anxiety tool kit.

Tips to conquer your anxiety 

1. Exercise

Get outside and get some fresh air. Walk, run, swim, stretch, take a yoga class. Whatever feels good, just do it!

2. Essential oils

Pop a few drops of lavender or a stress relief blend in the palm of your hand. Cup your palms over your face and take some deep breaths. Magic!

3. Eat real food

A healthy, wholefoods approach with minimal caffeine and sugar works wonders for anxiety. 

4. Laugh

Chat to a friend. Watch some New Girl. Whatever makes you giggle.

5. Screen-free time

If you’re hooked to your phone, you may not realise just how social media and constantly being on call affects your anxiety levels. Cut back however you can. A screen-free hour a day, a screen free day a week. Be present and chill out!

6. Get it all out

List-making will help with processing the to-do list that keeps you up at night. Journaling really helps with rationalising and letting go of anxious thoughts. If you still catch yourself flicking back to anxious thoughts throughout the day, save all your worries for designated ‘worry time’. For half an hour every evening, just let it allllll out and then move on!

7. Music

Play your favourite uplifting tunes and sing it out!

8. Supplements

If you've tried everything above and you're still suffering from anxiety, you may benefit from supplementation. A quality, bioavailable B vitamin complex may help boost your mood. GABA is a neurotransmitter that can balance excessive excitatory responses in the brain and calm you down. Magnesium deficiency caused by our stressful lives can also lead to anxiety. For more on magnesium, check out this post

Do you suffer from anxiety? Have you tried any of the anti-anxiety strategies above? Hop on over to the comments and let us know what has worked you you!