How to sleep better naturally: create a sleep sanctuary

Make your room a blissful sleep sanctuary. Ideally, your room should be dark, quiet and cool.

It's super important to get rid of all sources of light in your bedroom. Use blackout curtains where possible, although if you're getting to get early enough to make sure you're clocking up plenty of hours of sleep, waking up with the sun is an awesome and healthy way to start the day.

Cover or remove any sources of electronic light before you get into bed. Think those pesky little lights on your computer or camera charger. If you can't remove all sources of light, invest in a comfortable eye mask.

Hide your alarm clock so that you can't see the time if you wake during the night and whatever you do, don't pick up that phone during the night! Even looking at the screen will tell your body it's time to wake up, and make it way harder to drift back off to sleep.

Have earplugs on hand to avoid any disruptions during the night (the soft wax kind are best, it's like a cone of silence in there). They make take a bit of getting used to, but they're such a lifesaver!

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