How to make your own natural bug spray that actually works

At home in Sydney, I'm one of the lucky ones who never gets bitten by mosquitos, while my boyfriend/brother/other poor victim is getting eaten alive right next to me! But when I was packing for my recent trip to India, I knew I'd need a mozzie repellant that really worked.

I wanted to avoid highly toxic bug sprays, although it's your personal choice whether you use DEET or another commercial mosquito repellant in areas where malaria is prevalent.

This non-toxic bug spray smells amazing, doesn't sting or burn and you don't have to worry about wiping it off before you go to bed. 

But wait, the best part - it actually works!

I used Young Living essential oils to make this because I think they're great quality, but feel free to try whatever you have at home.


Have you tried this recipe or another DIY bug spray? What works for you?