Banana + Chai Smoothie

I always wake up hours before everyone else on the weekend! So sometimes I have a sneaky pre-breakfast smoothie! This smoothie was a real treat. I love chai tea, and the flavour really added something to this frothy smoothie.

Serves one


1 large frozen banana
6 tbsp coconut milk
1 chai teabag handful of ice
1 tbsp raw cacao nibs


1. Brew chai tea and allow to cool.
2. Throw tea, banana, ice and coconut milk in blender.
3. Serve with raw cacao nibs. Delish!

-Fran x

6 Steps to Healing your Whole Self

Over the last decade I have seen countless doctors. I was told that my unrelenting exhaustion was just a stage, that I would grow out of it. I had almost given up, but mum encouraged me to give it one last go. I found an Integrative General Practitioner who ran every blood test under the sun, and shed some light on the way I was feeling.

We discovered imbalances with thyroid hormones, cortisol, MTHFR genetic mutations, pyroluria and a number of nutrient deficiencies. I am treating all of these imbalances naturally where possible, and I have found that diet and lifestyle factors are just as important as any medication or supplements for my healing.

Due to my Type A approach to life, I am always consciously working to reduce stress and promote peace and happiness. Whether you are suffering from autoimmune disorders, fatigue, depression, or any other condition, you must take a comprehensive approach to healing. We need to heal our whole selves: minds, bodies and the mind/body connection.

Here’s to balance…and scaling life back!

My guide to healing your whole self

+Scale back your life While you are healing, make your life more realistic. Don’t overcommit. Learn to say no.

+Sleep Make time for sleep. Have a hot shower, put a few drops of lavender essential oil on your pillow, and read a good book before bed. Diaphragmatic breathing slows the heartbeat and really helps me drift off to sleep.

+Move I stay active with yoga, rock climbing (when I am up to it), and walks. I do things I love that make me feel happy, without leaving me feeling depleted. Listen to your body, and let go of any feelings of guilt associated with skipping exercise in favour of sleep.

+Nourish your body Eat to nourish your body. Avoid foods that trigger inflammation in the body. Everyone is different, so learn and experiment to discover how best to support your body.

+Love your body Learning to love myself and be comfortable in my skin has significantly reduced stress in my life. Self-care routines such as candlelit epsom salt baths, dry body brushing, deep breathing and slathering your body in coconut oil can really help.

+Be happy Laugh. Sing. Spend time with people who value you. The real you. Spend time alone, and enjoy it.

This journey never ends, but I am learning to appreciate it is a constant reminder to look after myself the best I can.