Are you feeling bored, stuck or uninspired?

I feel you. I’ve been there too. I reckon it’s time to shake it up and bring some awesomeness back into your life.

That’s what the High Vibe Challenge is all about: simple techniques to get you inspired, upgrade your mindset and get you on track to living a legendary life!

The High Vibe Challenge: Here’s how it works!

  • From 2-6 October 2017 you’ll receive a daily lesson via email with simple, actionable steps to give your mindset a serious upgrade. 

  • We also have a private Facebook group to ask questions, share the wins and inspire and motivate each other. This is a safe, promo-free space which is all about helping you crush it in the challenge.

  • We’ll be sharing on Insta - be sure to tag me @frandargaville and use the hashtag #highvibechallenge2017 to connect with your new high vibe mates!

So, let’s do it!

To join the challenge, fill out the form below and join the private Facebook group. See you on 2 October!