What I learned about yoga from The Bachelor's Keira

There are two types of people in this world: those who watch The Bachelor and those who deny that The Bachelor even exists.

Until a few weeks ago, I was proudly the latter. An enlightened non-Bachie watcher.

But when I turned up to a buddy’s place before heading out for brunch, I was roped into watching a rerun and I’ve happily spent (wasted?) two nights per week since.

Anyway, this post has a purpose. I just felt the need to preface my Bachie references with an explanation.

I feel like we can all learn something from Bachie Keira’s yoga date.

Mostly what yoga is NOT about.

You're not doing it right.

You're not doing it right.

I love yoga, and it’s helped me bigtime with healing from chronic fatigue.

Contrary to Keira’s beliefs, yoga is not all about the core. It’s not about perfection, or competition. It’s not about looking mighty fine in your Nike crop.

It’s about getting in touch with your body. It’s about learning mindfulness, a moving meditation (although it may not always feel this way).

So for any non-yogis who experienced this awkward yoga encounter on TV, don’t be intimidated.

Give yoga a go! It’s one of the best things you’ll do for you mind and body.

How to get started with yoga

  • Find a small studio where you will get lots of attention and adjustments. Look for beginners programs where you will be introduced to the sequences slowly.
  • If you can’t find a beginners program or small studio, look for a Hatha class as these are generally slower and less dynamic than other styles of yoga, but can still be challenging.
  • Don’t make Ashtanga or Bikram the first class you ever do. These are brutal. If you haven’t done much yoga, you may not be able to walk out of the class, let alone for days afterwards. They are awesome when you’re a more experienced yogi.
  • Yin will play serious mind games with you. Wait until you’ve fallen in love with yoga to attend a Yin class.

Are you a closet Bachie watcher too? Or perhaps you have some Q's about yoga. Hop on over to the comments and let me know! 

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