What I learned about nutrition from a 9-year-old boy in India

When I was in India earlier this year, I met a 9-year-old boy called Lava.

He wandered over to watch us rock climbing, and we had a chat over a chai and some paleo bars. 

He asked what I do. I explained that I'm a nutritionist, and I help people figure out what to eat.

He was incredibly confused by this. "Why does anyone need help to work out what to eat?"

Hmm, great question, Lava. 

Checking out the climbing guide book with my mate Lava

Checking out the climbing guide book with my mate Lava

It was then I really realised the massive difference between our Aussie (and the western world in general) food culture and the Indian way of eating.

The locals in India (and many other cultures worldwide) eat real, whole foods. They cook from scratch, and use healthy cooking fats like ghee. They soak and ferment legumes and grains for easy digestion (but they may not even know WHY they do this; it's traditional, intuitive).

On the other hand, we have unlimited choice. It's quick, it's easy, it’s cheap, it's everywhere: it's fried, refined, and laden with chemicals.

Well, we think we have a choice in what we eat. But really, our food has been bliss point-ed to perfection, which means that we’re essentially eating cardboard dressed up as food. We’re missing the vitally essential nutrients needed to be healthy.


"The Bliss Point: that point where the right combination of fat, salt and sugar lights up our brains like cocaine."
-Margot O'Neill

We've completely lost our intuitive ability to choose the food we need, what's exactly right for us at any given moment.

But we can absolutely hit the reset button and get back in touch with what's right for us.


Choose the food that Lava would eat.

Simple, whole foods. Nothing from a packet. Mostly veg, meat and healthy fats, some fruit, nuts and seeds.

Relearning to eat intuitively takes time, some trial and error, and perhaps a few slip ups along the way. But it's absolutely achievable, and the best investment you can make for your health.

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