How to make 2017 your best year yet!

Everything we do, every second of every day, is a choice.

Every action we take, every word we speak. Where we work, how (and if) we move our bodies, whether we nourish our bodies with healthy food. How we feel about ourselves. Every single thing in your life is a choice.

You might be thinking “Um, no. I didn’t choose to be tired all the time”, or “I didn’t choose to be overweight.” I didn’t choose this crappy job, or to not be able to pay my bills.

In one sense, you’re right. You didn’t make these choices consciously.

But you did make the choice.

Because the choice to stay tired, or overweight, or unhappy in your job, or whatever that is for you, means that you’re right.

It means you’re right about some deep-seated belief you have. And we humans love to be right.


That deep-seated belief might be:

If you’re stuck believing you’re always tired and you’re always going to be tired, you might have a fear of success, the endless possibilities that could arise if you could just let go of the fatigue.

If you’re stuck believing that being stuck in a job you hate is your destiny, you might secretly be afraid that your friends and family will get jealous if you found your dream job or started your own successful business.

So get out a pen and paper. Fold the page in 3 to form 3 columns.

On the left hand side, brain dump everything you can think of that made you feel bored, miserable, or inauthentic.

In the middle, write down everything you can think of about 2016 that made you feel awesome, that really lit you up.

That holiday, walks on the beach, dinner dates, hanging with your dog, learning a language.

Now have a good read through both of those lists. Stop and take the time to actually feel how each one of those pieces of your life make you feel. Do they make you want to fist pump, or do they suck the energy right out of you?

Now the challenge: You have a choice. You get to choose how your next year turns out. And the next 5 years, and the rest of your life, actually.

Pretty cool, huh?

So in the right column, write down all the things you really want to be doing. How you want to feel.   

If this is hard for you, first look at your “don’t wants” and write the opposite.

Don’t make this mediocre, think big!

Do you want to overhaul your diet, volunteer for a charity or feel awesome in your own skin? Write it all down.

Now cut this column out and stick it on your wall. Look at it every morning.

Believe it and feel that it’s real, and take the steps to make it happen.

THIS is the secret to your best year yet, and it’s just the beginning of the life you’ve always dreamed of. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and live it!