TMP #6: Learning to love yourself with Kaylynn Marisol

If you’re not happy in your own skin, no amount of green smoothies will make you healthy.  

Health is holistic. We need to nourish our bodies with real food, and get plenty of exercise. But here’s the thing: if you’re not happy within yourself, then I don’t believe you can be truly healthy.

I brought in the self love expert, Kaylynn Marisol, to discuss all things self love and body positivity. Kay is a writer and self-worth coach from the US. I met Kay 2 years ago in Rishikesh, India - and she has been such a source of inspiration for me over the last couple of years.

Learning to love ourselves can be a big process - it could take months or years - but it is such an important part of this whole holistic health journey we’re on.

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