TMP #12: Isagenix 30 Day System Review: Healthy or Not?

I get so many questions about Isagenix on Instagram - Is Isagenix healthy? Is having a cleanse day good for you? Are meal replacement shakes unhealthy? In today’s episode of The meTOX Podcast, I review the Isagenix 30 Day Weight Loss System in detail, and sharing my take on whether the system and products are healthy or not.

My intention behind this episode is to empower you make the right choices for your health. I want to encourage you to be an ingredient detective. This means questioning everything, reading labels and Googling anything you don’t understand so that you have all the information you need to determine whether a product is right for you or not.

If you’re thinking about trying Isagenix, start by listening to this episode and make an empowered decision.

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