I'm Inspired: Nadia Felsch


Introducing the lovely Nadia Felsch!

Nadia is a writer, speaker and wholefoods cook. Nadia is our go-to for healthy recipe inspiration, stunning food photography and we dig her whole-picture, balanced approach to health.

We were lucky enough to chat with Nadia about her food philosophies, what she eats and some fun insights into her life.

What's your food philosophy?

It’s simple. Eating as close to nature.

So that’s unprocessed and seasonal food that we’re designed to eat and when we do - our bodies reward us infinitely.

Overall - Keep it simple and eat naturally - the rest takes care of itself. 

What does your day on a plate look like?

I adore food and feel that we don’t place nearly enough importance in our society on enjoying the good stuff. 

Not necessarily in a “foodie” way though in a “this looks good, tastes delicious and I feel incredible eating it!”

So this is always my focus and with a busy life, I’m looking to ensure a high intake of satisfying and supporting foods. Quality proteins, lots of saturated fats and nourishing carbohydrates too.

It’s through eating this way that I avoid the 3pm slump, feeling starving at dinnertime and having no energy in the morning.

I live a plant-based diet though I also consume quality meat and dairy products.

Refined sugar is not a part of my life though I certainly enjoy fruit and plant-based sweeteners such as maple & rice malt syrup.

Currently I’m not eating gluten in an effort to reduce the skin inflammation that I experience (chronic dermatitis).


Breakfast varies between a smoothie (my fave can be found in the clean eating meal plan eBook for those who join my tribe here) and eggs, avocado, fresh tomato & my favourite nut & seed loaf.

Since increasing the size of my breakfasts last year, I’ve noticed I don’t snack as much though a few times a week I’ll grab a soy (organic & GMO-free) latte in the morning.

Lunch will depend on my location; if I’m styling for the day - I eat my work of course!

No matter what though it’s inevitably a large amount of vegetables and very often this is in the form of a giant salad bowl (literally the bowl is like a large dog bowl!) and I fill it with all of my favourites to recharge me and keep me going through a busy afternoon of work and training.

My go-to lunch salad at the moment is quinoa with fresh cabbage & herbs, a little red onion, crushed walnuts, lentils, tomato, avocado & goat’s cheese topped with macadamia oil & lemon juice.

If I am a little hungry in the afternoon I’ll grab one of my favourite protein raw balls, so either a cacao option or a salted caramel both of which are insanely delicious! 

Dinner is where I play around and keep it interesting. At the moment I’m really enjoying a baked chicken recipe topped with a green olive & herb mix and served with a simple tomato salad - so much that it will be featured in my next eBook to release in the coming months.

Dessert is sometimes a must right?! A chocolate thickshake or chocolate mousse shared with my husband is certainly my favourite option here.

What's your favourite...

+ Breakfast

My fave nut & seed loaf topped with an avocado, goat’s cheese, mint mash & a piece of perfectly cooked quality nitrate-free bacon.

+ Travel destination


The geography is spectacular, the history mind-blowing, its' culture literally sings to you, the people know that life’s short and we’re here to enjoy that and the food I mean come on?!!

This is a country that knows how to live!

As well as one of my most visited destinations, it’s where my husband and I were engaged and married.

It’s also the destination linked to my most treasured travel memory - my 26th birthday which was spent overlooking the stunning Mediterranean Ocean in the stunning town of Amalfi.

Get there immediately! 

+ TED talk

Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action

We could all benefit from a little more connection to why we do things.

+ Quote

“The groundwork of all happiness is health.”

James Leigh Hunt 

If you could only share one nugget of health wisdom, what would it be?

That food is medicine; preventative and powerful.

Regard it as such and learn all you can about this incredible creation that keeps us alive and if we invest in it, thriving too. 

If you’d like to enjoy delicious and simple meals - you can head to my site - nadiafelsch.com and download your FREE 7-day clean eating meal plan eBook - a great way to inspire you no matter what stage you’re at with your own health & wellbeing.

We've noticed you've been spending lots of time upside down... Do you have any handstand/headstand hints for us?

Oh wow it’s the best!

Yoga has taught me so much and in pursuit of the incredible benefits of inversions (being upside down), it’s pushed me to strengthen my core.

That’s my #1 tip for anyone interested in getting some air time, upside down. Invest in and focus on that core because although it looks like it’s a lot of upper body strength, there shouldn’t be momentum involved in the poses and the only way that works is by having a strong core and controlling the movement.

My #2 tip is to be taught/shown correctly and not push your own safety limits as especially in headstand you’re dealing with a very delicate part of the body - the spine!

Lastly, I’d say not to be intimidated by #2 and find the balance in yourself of practice without self-criticism and allowing yourself to experience the joy of “taking flight,” as being upside down is incredibly freeing and detoxifying for our bodies. 

Enjoy it!

Do you have a favourite recipe to share with us?

I sure do! A simple, light & summery salad with incredible flavour that will impress and an extract from my first eBook - EAT WELL LOOK GOOD FEEL GREAT. This one works just as well when you’re home alone or when you’re looking to impress!



GF / VG  |  Serves 1


1 cup white cabbage, washed and finely shredded

1 medium red radish, washed, topped, tailed and sliced super thin/see-through

1 tablespoon fresh chives, finely chopped

1 tablespoon sugar snap peas

1⁄2 tablespoon pecorino cheese, freshly grated

1 teaspoon extra virgin olive oil (EVOO)

Pinch of rock salt and crack of ground black pepper 

A mandolin works a treat to prepare the cabbage and radish. 


Mix all ingredients in a bowl, coating well and arrange on a plate to serve. 

Thank you so much for joining us Nadia, we loved having you!