Easy holiday workout routine with Personal Trainer Chavon Livey

This week's blog post is something a little different for you! Introducing Chavon Livey, a personal trainer with an awesome approach to fitness. (Read: Real, functional fitness to fit in with your life!) Read on for a workout you can take on holidays with you! 

So you are off on your Summer holidays and of course packed at the bottom of your case is a set of workout clothes with nothing but good intentions.  But more likely than not they will happily stay there and not make it to the hotel gym.  But I can’t blame you I wouldn’t want to waste my trip in a cramped gym either!

Instead feel the freedom of body weight movement and enjoy playing somewhere exotic.  Or as a chance to escape from your Aunties house and the rest of the family!  All you need is motivation…and your phone for a timer!

Click on the video below to see how it's done or keep scrolling for a full rundown of the workout!

The Workout

To get warmed up just go for a light jog in the space you have, or 30 seconds jogging on the spot combined with a few squats and star jumps.  Just get the body moving and blood flowing.   Before you get right into the session do some arm and leg swings to loosen up your joints.

Give these upper body dynamic stretches a go:

  • Circle your arms backwards 10 times
  • Circle your arms forwards 10 times
  • Stretch out your arms so they’re in line with your shoulders and rotate from side to side, twisting from your feet and all the way through 10 times

Combine with these lower body stretches:

  • Stabilise your self on one leg and swing the other back and forth 10 times (make sure to do both sides)
  • Stabilise yourself on one leg and swing the other from side to side across your body 10 times (make sure to do both sides)

Now the good stuff…

This is only going to take you just over 30 minutes to complete.  But if you only have 10 or even just 5 minutes do as much as you can in that time.  I want you to eliminate lack of time as an excuse!  Use what you have to love your body with movement.

5 X 60 seconds work / 15 seconds rest

Round kick squat

Rock n’ roll to push up

Split jump + angry donkey kick

Rolling v-sit

10 can can kicks to standing jump

Chavon Livey is driven to show as many people as possible that movement is a life essential and so much more than just a way to lose weight.  She become a personal trainer as she studied her Bachelor of Health Science at university.  It wasn’t until she had graduated that Go Active took off.  Lifestyle fitness that you can do no matter where you might be.