Social Media Shutdown

Ok, I admit it! I have a social media addiction! Especially since starting up with the whole blogging thing, I fill the gaps in my day with checking Instagram or WordPress. Sad, huh?

I thought so too!

Now, my top priorities are creativity, productivity, learning a lot and living in the moment.

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So I am taking steps to cut back..

+Switching off all instant notifications on my phone

+Switching my phone off at work and hiding it in my drawer

+Switching my phone to flight mode (at least) half an hour before bedtime to wind down

+Making time for stimulating, fun activities (so I don’t even think about checking my phone)

Weekend getaways are a perfect way to kickstart breaking the addiction! Last weekend I was away with the boyfriend, and it was so great to be present and enjoy the moment, and not feel drained by the constant presence of connectivity. I didn’t touch my phone for two days, and I felt energised and a sense of peace and calm at the same time.

Try it for yourself! Shut down this weekend. Take note of how you feel – relaxed? Calm? Creative? Radiant?

Fran xx