Exercise: Finding the Right Amount for You

Are you feeling exhausted, lacking motivation to exercise or suffering from recurring injuries? I had the same experience. After years of spending hours in the gym and hitting the pavement, it came as no surprise that I eventually burnt out. 

I made the decision to stop all exercise to help recover my body from the thyroid hormone imbalances, adrenal exhaustion and other deficiencies that prevented me from having optimal energy. As my energy improves, I have built up to walking every day, incorporating yoga and other activities that I enjoy.

I have a challenge for you.. Discover ways of moving that work for you, not against you!

If you are in the process of healing, or even struggling with low energy or recurrent injuries, it may be time for you to reevaluate..

+what type of exercise am I doing?

+how often am I exercising?

+why am I exercising?

+could exercise be increasing a stress response in my body?

+how can I incorporate movement to strengthen my body and reduce stress?

+how can I incorporate more play into my life?

Moving daily is essential for your mind and body. Walking, yoga and other low impact activities can help reduce stress, rather than increase inflammation, as can be the case with overtraining. Movement isn't restricted to exercise. I love biomechanist Katy Bowman’s take on movement:

“In the same way eating one meal’s worth of calories (700) a day doesn’t fuel us in the same way a full 2500 calories does, our approach to exercise–an hour a day–is the equivalent to movement-starvation…

It is critical that we read the fine print on the ergonomic prescription label: WARNING. BEING STILL IS DETRIMENTAL TO YOUR BODY…

To sit on the floor is to demand your body expend energy: increasing muscle mass, and tissue length, shuttling more blood and taking in more oxygen. All because of how and where you sit.”

So sit on the floor, constantly change your seating position to develop strength and alignment throughout the body. Just move! Move in different ways. And play. Find ways to move that work for you and heal yourself, reduce stress in your life and have more fun!