A Note on Healing

A renowned address to incoming medical students reads as follows: "Half of everything we teach you is wrong... unfortunately we don't know which half."

Healing yourself, I mean truly healing yourself, takes dedication to expanding your knowledge and opening your mind, experimentation, patience and strength. Having struggled through varying states of fatigue for the last decade of my life has led me to spend hours poring through health-related websites, books and podcasts to gain an understanding of my health issues and what I can do to heal myself in the most natural way possible.

Be persistent. Be patient.

Doctor Kirk Parsley, a former US navy seal, stated "if you wait around for, you know, a gold standard study to tell you what to do with every patient, you're never going to be able to actually take action..." 

So investigate. Look beyond what standard medical and nutritional "best practice" says and experiment with diet and lifestyle changes that can only nurture your health and wellbeing. Do everything in your power to sleep soundly, nourish your body, be mindful, play and laugh.

Do everything in your power to heal yourself and discover true happiness.