How to Eat Paleo When Travelling

Eating paleo while travelling is most definitely a challenge. Admittedly, I do not eat strictly paleo when I am travelling. Balance and enjoyment are priorities for me whilst on holidays. I love to travel, and have explored Europe and Latin America, and even studied in Mexico.

I recently spent a month in Turkey away from the comforts of my local farmers market and health food shops. Turkey is an (almost) perfect destination for people with a paleo preference.

Everywhere we went, we found fresh salads, roast veggies and meat. I am gluten intolerant, and I definitely notice the impacts of excess sugar and processed foods on my body. Avoiding gluten in Turkey is fairly easy. Kebabs are everywhere, and you can always opt for the contents of a kebab on a plate.

In Cappadocia, nearing the end of my trip, I decided to take part in a cooking class. I wanted to know what goes into the food I had been eating over the past month. A group of us met in a cafe, and were escorted back to the family home of the couple hosting the class. First on the menu was Turkish dolma, vine leaves stuffed with flavoursome rice. We then prepared karniyarik (eggplants stuffed with mince). To finish, 'aside' a dessert made from oil, sugar, flour and egg. So not paleo.

Now for my honest thoughts... I was so shocked at the amount of canola oil used in every recipe. The rice was pan fried in canola oil, the eggplants were deep fried in canola oil; even the dessert contained canola oil! I won't go on a tangent, but check out what Mercola has to say about canola oil (Mercola is a well-trusted naturopathic doctor).


1. Eat a big breakfast   Everywhere I have travelled, from Paris to Marrakech to Nicaragua, you can almost always find eggs on the breakfast menu. In Turkey I had a couple of boiled eggs or an omelette for breakfast most mornings.

2. Pack snacks   I always carry around nuts and fruit and some veggies, and when you see a delicatessen or supermarket grab some cold meats for a snack. Jerky is also a great snack, although it may be hard to find while travelling.

3. Know your non-negotiables   For me its gluten. I fill up on the meat and veg at dinner and push the free bread basket aside.. My tummy stays fairly happy as long as I avoid gluten!

4. Don't stress!   Just do the best you can and enjoy yourself. Eat honest, fresh, local food and savour every mouthful.